Legal Services 2017

When Nothing is Sure, Everything is Possible

Manchester - Thursday 17th November 2016



Lawyers have to advise clients who are facing challenges of change, technology and globalisation and at the same time deal with the same challenges in their own firms.

These challenges present an opportunity but also a threat if they are not pursued.

In the conference we will look at what we think the future holds and how professionals can survive and thrive.

There are specific trends we can see like the march of technology but what will the impact be?

There are “black swan” events which happen such as Brexit. How will that impact in the short, medium and long term.

We will look at building businesses through the eyes of a global law firm and a Manchester entrepreneur.

We  look at whether the standard law firm business model  is fit for purpose.

The venue is The Place Hotel in the heart of Manchester.

Places are limited so book your seat as soon as possible.

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Post-event Summary


The Place, Ducie Street, M1 2TP
Thursday 17th November 2016
0800 – Breakfast/Registration
0845 – Introduction – Rodger Pannone
0900 – Chris Yapp
  0940 – Sam Jones
1010 – Coffee Break 
1030 – Phil Jepson 
1110 – Dimitrios Doukas 
1140  – Coffee Break 
1200 – “Headline Speaker”  Peter Hasson
1245 – Q&A
1300 – Buffet Lunch 
1400 – Close
Chaired by:
Rodger P_opt
Rodger Pannone
Rodger is a former President of The Law Society and one of the founders of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.
He was a pioneer of disaster litigation in the UK and formed Pannone Napier with Michael Napier from Irwin Mitchell to represent claimants.
He worked on the Opren and Thalidomide cases, the Manchester Air Crash, the Piper Alpha and Lockerbie disasters.
Rodger is also the Chair of Manchester University and the Deputy Lieutenant of Greater Manchester.
He led Pannone & Partners to their position as one of manchester’s premier law firms and one of the best companies to work for in the Sunday Times survey year after year.
Hosted By:

Phil Jepson – Director of Jepson Holt

Phil is a Founder and Director of Jepson Holt,  Totuus Consulting and the founder of the Brannan Group. Since leaving legal practice in 2001 Phil has spent his time helping law firms grow their businesses and lawyers develop their careers. He is a passionate believer that the legal market will grow substantially and change radically over the next 5 years and wants to help legal businesses and lawyers take advantage of the opportunity they have.

Richard Neve – Managing Director of the Brannan Group

Richard has spent 10 years working in the legal market and has worked for a law firm as well legal service providers developing and managing relationships with firms. He is a talented consultative sales professional with an extensive network and real insight into the legal services market and the opportunities and challenges it presents. Before he entered the world of professional services Richard spent time in the armed forces and then in the world of media sales.


Peter Hasson

Chief Executive of Clyde & Co LLP

Peter is the Chief Executive of Clyde & Co.


Chris Yapp


Chris is a Freelance Consultant specialising in innovation and future thinking.

Sam Jones

Managing Director of Tuna Fish Media

Set up in 2011, Tunafish Media is a Manchester success story which arose from the ashes of the recession.

Phil Jepson

Founder and Director of Jepson Holt

Phil is also a Founder and Director of Totuus Consulting and the Founder of the Brannan Group.

Dimitrios Doukas

University of Manchester

Dimitrios is a Reader in EU Law at the University of Manchester Law School.

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We have created a broad range of topics addressing various topics that can help us look at how law firms can create opportunities. Speaking on each topic is a relevant expert in their field, they fully understand their subject area and look to share their knowledge.

What do we know about the future?

Presented by: Chris Yapp

What can we say about the future and what lies in store for professional services?
If we look at previous periods in history where discontinuous innovation and waves of change occurred what happened and what can we learn?

Rethink your business model, rethink your career

Presented by: Phil Jepson

This is an uncertain and volatile environment. A world of black swans. A world where technology is becoming more capable and prevalent. Law firms are marginally increasing revenue but not increasing profit. So how can law firms and lawyers thrive and is the prevailing law firm business model still fit for purpose? If the law firm model is broken then what is the answer and how does that impact on lawyers looking to build careers?

Standing Out From The Crowd

Presented by: Sam Jones

Marketing is a mature and competitive market that is more impacted by technology than legal services. There are endless competitors and huge players.  So how can you set up and build a successful business in that type of market? Set up in 2011, Tunafish Media is a Manchester success story.

Brexit – The Black Swan Event

Presented by: Dimitrios Doukas

Almost 6 months after the surprise outcome of the referendum where are we at in the process of Brexit? What are the possible scenarios and implications and how are they likely to impact on the economy and on legal services businesses in the UK and Europe?

Keynote Speaker

Being Global

Presented by Keynote Speaker: Peter Hasson

One answer to uncertainty is to spread your risk across borders. Clyde & Co is a truly Global Law Firm. It has made a concerted effort to create credible capability around the world. Why? What are the opportunities of Being Global and what problems does it create?


Concert Networks is the expert voice in Cloud Telephony, helping customers sell more, serve better and grow faster.

Concert deliver cloud telephony and internet connectivity solutions which make a difference to Law firms, enabling better  communication between clients and colleagues.

Since 20003, they’ve made it their business to provide a telephony solution with measurable benefits, better management information, process automation, enhanced security and business continuity, meaning their clients have the freedom to focus on the delivery of services and the experience of the customer.  Their expert team has helped clients to do this for over ten years and together, Concert uses their know-how and sector knowledge to give the customer smarter, more innovative communication.

Empirical Research – In professional markets business intelligence will contain a mix of information relating to people, places and businesses. The exact blend and its importance will vary from project to project. Empirical provide comprehensive research so business leaders can make informed decisions. The information supports M&A, Senior talent acquisition and strategic direction changes.

Passle helps your experts to create engaging and timely content. Best of all, this content is valuable to your customers, prospects, employees and stakeholders. There are 30 trillion webpages on the Internet. There are over one billion websites. Unsurprisingly, it is difficult for your page, or your website, to stand out. The key is to differentiate yourself by demonstrating your expertise in your niche. But how? This is the problem that Passle solves.

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The Place
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